Johnny  Cakes


Johnny Cakes Bakery in Akron

"I'm just saying my birthday is in two weeks LOL"

This was the cake she wanted

My First Cake 

My name is John Schrock living in the small town of Akron, New York (Mayberry) . In 2013 my daughter posted a picture on Facebook of a Snow White cake with the caption "I'm just saying my birthday is in two weeks LOL". So rather than buy the cake from a local bakery, I took on the challenge to make it. This was my first cake and first attempt at using fondant. This led to me making cakes for the  family and then with additional face book postings requests became frequent so I decided to start what is today Johnny Cakes Bakery.

I am self taught and enjoy  learning new processes and techniques. With the help of the internet, YouTube and my 30 year career at Schrock Metal Products it all seems to have come together.

I find it extremely relaxing and a way to unwind from the daily grind.